Discretionary Funding

The Union for Gender Empowerment is conscientious that there is often a lack of funding for groups seeking to gather funding for social justice projects. To that end, we have brought back access to our Discretionary Funding for community members.

This fund is to support projects that seek to advance social justice. The Discretionary Funding Committee will meet after each funding cycle (November, February, May) to review applications and disperse funds accordingly. Discretionary Fund Applications are subject to a maximum of $300.

For-profit organizations are not eligible for this fund. Only groups in the Greater Montreal Area may apply for discretionary funding. Any incomplete application will not be accepted. Upon receipt of your application for discretionary funding, we will send you a confirmation email stating that we’ve received your application. Each group is only eligible for discretionary funding once per financial year. Priority will be given to groups who have not received funding in previous years.