The Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE) is a feminist and trans positive organization that strives to provide services to marginalized peoples in a safe(r) space. This includes an intersectional anti-oppressive mandate that centres anti-racism, anti-colonialism, anti-capitalism, anti-ableism, queer positivity, and harm reduction.

We aim to provide services to any person who identifies with our anti-oppressive, feminist, and trans-positive principles, regardless of gender identity. The Union for Gender Empowerment provides resources, educational opportunities and a centre for advocacy.

We aim to ensure that all individuals in the space are treated with respect for their identity and background, including political and religious beliefs, and that they have equal access to the resources available.

The collective strives to be an anti-oppressive organization that welcomes, but is not limited to, queer, Two-Spirit, transgender, intersex and genderqueer people. We work to ensure that our services are sensitive to survivors of gender-based violence, people of colour, Indigenous peoples, people with financial difficulties, people without status and people with disabilities. We do not support colonialism in any of its forms, both past and present, and act towards dismantling the colonialism that is still present in our society today. 

In accordance with the above stated goals, we seek to establish a collective that has a strong representation of people of colour and trans people.