Undergarment Order Form

After receiving feedback about the lack of selection of feminine underwear in our co-op, we decided to make it order only. While this means folks might have to wait a little longer for their products, it ensures people get exactly what they want, and minimizes the chance of potentially awkward or hostile interactions with others.

A link to the form is here: order form

Options are:

1) give us a link to an item which can be purchased online

2) tell us a store you would like to purchase from and item specifications and we will get something for you!

Pick up will be at our space, located at 3480 McTavish Street, Montreal, QC in room 413. At this time, we can only accept orders from people in Montreal. If you are not able to make it to the UGE space we can arrange for an alternate location.

*Please note that this project is meant for those who feel uncomfortable or unsafe making these purchases themselves and/or have limited financial capacity. While we would love for everyone to have cute underwear, we want to prioritize those in the most need and ask that you be honest with yourself about what your need is before filling out the form.

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