Opening Hours

Fall 2014 Opening Hours

Mondays: 10 am – 6 pm
Tuesdays: 10 am – 6 pm
Wednesdays: 10 am – 6 pm
Thursdays: 10 am – 6 pm
Fridays: 10 am – 6 pm

Effective from Monday, September 15, 2014 to Friday, December 5th, 2014.

During these hours all are welcome to drop in to our space to drink tea & take a break, check out our library, buy items from our co-op, look at our resource binder, or chat with the Staffer on shift!


Union for Gender Empowerment Breast Form & Bra Pilot Project! This project aims to make breast forms and bras more accessible to trans women and trans feminine folks. Breast forms can cost upwards of $200(!) and the project offer a a variety of breast forms, body-tailored, and at a pay-what-you-can rate out of our co-op!

hello again! thanks so much for signal boosting and for all of your interest in the project! we’ve already received several orders and are really excited about the project and providing this service for folks.

we wanted to clarify that due to our own (personal & monetary) capacities, Montreal is our current geographical scope in terms of possible breast form & bra deliveries and shipments (where we are based out of). 

we are going to do our best to fill all the breast form &/or bra orders that we receive, but also have a limited amount of money set aside – so orders will be on a first-come first-served basis(!). we will get in touch with you personally if need, and make a public announcement / updates online if and or when we have used up our breast form budget to keep you all in the loop!

on a related note, the Breast Form Pilot Project (along with all the other ‘gender empowerment’ items in our co-op) is strictly PWYC with all the money raised going back into the co-op to purchase new items and keep the co-op stocked! so if you are stoked on (your experience with) the co-op and PWYC gender empowerment / safer sex items, and are able donate money, please do(!). you’ll be helping improve other folks’ access to co-op and items tailored to their specific needs.

the UGE

PWYC Breast Forms and Bras!

Catch Us at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair – May 24 & 25

We will be tabling at this year’s Montreal Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday, May 24th and Sunday, May 25th. Stop by our table for zines, some cool DIY stuff, gender expression & alternative menstrual & safer sex products, and as always free condoms and dental dams. We may even have some new surprises!

All proceeds from our table will go towards funding our Breast Form Project.

Check out the bookfair’s website at and check out events as part of the Festival of Anarchy all May!

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Opening Hours

Winter 2015 Opening Hours
Mondays: 11:30 am -6 pm
Tuesdays: 10 am – 6 pm
Wednesdays: 10 am – 6 pm
Thursdays: 10 am – 6 pm
Fridays: 10 am – 6 pm
*until Friday, April 10th, 2015
** please note that the UGE is entirely volunteer run and this schedule may change with short notice – please contact us at if you would like to make an appointment
** for regular updates on our opening hours sign up for our listserve by emailing us at

Propose a Summer Stipend Project!

Callout: Summer 2014 Stipend Projects

Suggest a Project!

Deadline to apply: May 20, 2014

We would like to support projects that are related to our mandate as a trans-positive, feminist, anti-oppressive organization. One way of doing this is to offer a summer stipend to folks who have a desire to do or create something related to gender empowerment in Montreal. Previously stipends have focused on improving the UGE space and services. This is great, but we are also enthusiastic about projects beyond McGill.

Past examples include:
– designing workshops
– the Montreal Against Misogyny program (summer 2013)
– financial support for the Prisoner Correspondence Project
– zine writing and compilations
– updating the UGE referral guide
– research projectssummer stipend featured image
– creative projects

Desired Skills/Assets
– strong organization skills and self-motivation
– knowledge of gender and anti-oppression politics

Available: The Union for Gender Empowerment has a total of $2500 to distribute to various projects to be executed/completed over the summer! We are hoping to fund multiple projects, and suggest each project apply for $100-1000, although these are not strict limits.

In particular, we are stoked to and most able to offer funding to printing costs, materials, space rentals, however our funding is not exclusive to such costs.

Both individuals and groups are welcome to apply.

To apply, please include an outline of your proposed project including a timeline and a budget. We look forward to hearing your ideas! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You may also use this form: UGE Summer Stipend Application Form

*Please note that it is very important to include a detailed budget. If you are not sure whether you have included enough budgetary information or if you would like some help with your budget please contact us before the proposal deadline and we will be happy to give feedback.*

To apply, please send your proposal to unionforgenderempowerment[at]gmail[dot]com.

McGill Sexual Assault Policy – We need one!

The UGE, along with other McGill campus student orgs, has helped developed a proposed Sexual Assault Policy at McGill. 
McGill currently lacks such a policy, and we need your support, endorsements and suggestions to push admin to develop a policy!
Check it out at:

Also, here’s a radio interview with more info:

Bring A Sexual Assault Policy to McGill

event: Thursday, November 13th
4:45 pm – 5:45 pm in the Lev Bukhman Room (2nd floor)
SSMU Building, 4800 McTavish Street

Last November, the Deputy Provost committed to expanding McGill’s use of proactive measures to address sexual assault on campus. Following that announcement, students from groups across campus joined together to write a proposal for a Sexual Assault Policy, which they presented to the University in March. Since March, the student-led Sexual Assault Policy Working Group has been working in conjunction with Dean of Students Andre Costopoulos and Harm Reduction Coordinator / Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Bianca Tetrault to develop a draft Sexual Assault Policy to present to the University.This meeting is an opportunity for you to see what we have done, give us feedback, and to join in the fight if you’re interested! During the meeting, we will be reading through the policy and answering questions, then breaking into three working groups to tackle different tasks. One group will comb through the policy and work through spots that could be contentious at Senate; one group will work to collect letters of support from across campus; and one group will focus on publicity. These groups will continue to meet and work together throughout the year.

Snacks and drinks will be provided by SSMU!

We really looking forward to sharing the policy—let’s get this passed!

Dear Principal Suzanne Fortier, Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning) Ollivier Dyens, Dean of Students André Costopoulos, and members of the McGill community:

On February 26th, 2014, the McGill Administration hosted a Forum on Consent, where student panelists introduced a Sexual Assault Policy Proposal that the undersigned campus groups have endorsed. While we recognize the recent efforts by the administration to begin addressing rape culture and sexual assault on campus, we call upon you to carefully consider our recommendations regarding a Sexual Assault Policy and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator position as outlined below. Furthermore, we ask that you include the undersigned in ongoing consultation in order to have a campus-based approach to the issue of campus-based sexual violence, and to treat this issue with the sense of urgency it deserves.This open letter and Policy Proposal is a call to action in the aftermath of the highly publicized response to allegations of sexual assault against three varsity football players at McGill University. Considering this case and others at McGill (for example, the 2005 hazing,) and in conjunction with ongoing cases and administrative responses on campuses across the continent, it is clear that rape culture and sexual assault on our campus warrant a stronger response. We envision McGill administration having a crucial role in enacting change on our campus.We are encouraged by the McGill Administration’s increasing attention to issues of sexual assault on campus, and the ongoing hiring process for the Harm Reduction Coordinator, a new position that will aim to improve services relating to sexual violence on campus. In an article in the McGill Reporter, Dean Costopoulos stated that many aspects of our Sexual Assault Policy Proposal “exist already in various sections of McGill policies and codes of conduct”. Nevertheless, until comprehensive, concrete services for survivors and a formal Sexual Assault Policy have been formalized, the administration’s commitment to improvements will remain an empty promise.We are also disappointed by the lack of consultation with relevant campus groups, who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to tackling the prevalence of sexual violence and rape culture in our community. This ongoing work has equipped our groups with an expertise in survivor support and in the development of pro-survivor policies regarding sexual violence on university campuses.

We therefore submit a Sexual Assault Policy Proposal as a proactive step towards being heard regarding initiatives to create a safer campus. In light of the publically expressed commitments made by André Costopoulos (Dean of Students), and Ollivier Dyens (Deputy Provost of Student Life & Learning), we urge the McGill Administration to adopt our Policy Proposal and to incorporate our continuous input in developing a university-wide Sexual Assault Policy.

Our main recommendations include:

  • Developing a comprehensive, accessible, pro-survivor Sexual Assault Policy that takes a proactive rather than reactive approach to the problem of sexual assault and rape culture on campus.
  • Hiring a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator who will work closely with the signing parties, provide safety measures and listening support for survivors, and advocate for them. The Coordinator will also serve the community through policy development and campaigns targeting rape culture on campus.
  • Ensuring that the Policy applies to all members of the McGill community; students, administration, faculty, and all other employees.
  • Including clearly articulated safety measures for building a safer space on campus for survivors and the community at large.

Given that, according to a study by SAFER and V-day, 83% of the 299 universities surveyed had clearly outlined disciplinary procedures regarding sexual assault, and given the current climate across Canadian campuses pertaining to sexual assault, it is imperative that McGill promptly address its lack of a sexual assault policy and of institutionalized survivor services. Let us be at the forefront of universities worldwide not only in academia, but also in building safer campus communities.

Community groups and members at large are invited to endorse this policy at


The Students’ Society of McGill University Executive
The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society
The Union for Gender Empowerment
Queer McGill
The Students’ Society of McGill University Equity Committee
The Feminist Collective at McGill Law
Women and the Criminal Law
Quebec Public Interest Research Group McGill

To view the policy proposal visit
Contact Us!
Media requests? Want to contact us? Reach us at

Call Out for New Library Suggestions!!

The UGE collective is putting together our fall order for new library resources and would love to get some feedback of what our lovely followers might like to see gracing the shelves.

We’re looking for books, zines, and maybe even some cool DVDS.

So if there’s something you’d like to read or feel that is underrepresented on our shelves- we’d love your suggestions. You can add them to the list on the drive document below!

Volunteer with the UGE this Fall! TRAINING DATE CHANGED!

**the date for staffer training has been moved to Sunday, September 29th! training will start at noon and end around 6 pm, and will be held in the SSMU building (3480 McTavish Street).**

Call Out: The Union for Gender Empowerment needs fall volunteers!

Want to join the Collective or volunteer as a Staffer?

We need help to keep the space running over the fall semester! We hope to keep the library and co-op open as much as possible over the semester, which means that we’re looking for volunteers who can staff the space for 2 – 3 hours a week throughout the semester.

You can also join the collective (a commitment of 2 – 5 hours per week, depending on projects) to help out with maintaining the space, running fall programming, and working on special projects!

Spend [part of] your semester basking in gender empowerment, trans* allyship, and intersectional feminism with the UGE!

Worried that you don’t have relevant experience? That’s okay! In order to get involved, we ask that you participate in an afternoon long training session, held Sept 29, from 12-5. If you are interested in getting invovled, and can attend this session, email us at

More details at:

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