like seriously, i get it. i fucking LOVE a lot of scented bath products and lotions and i think it’s really fun to use them, i just pick scents to do my routine with that don’t give my roommates issues, and do it on my own time at home when i’m not planning to go see people with sensitivities to the scents i have on or into a public place.

make your personal care routines with scents a private matter. you still get to do your routine and use your favorite products, but there won’t be severe collateral damage, and it might actually become more special to you anyways.

if you hesitate for more than enough time to process the question of whether or not your love of oranges or flowers or patchouli is worth putting people’s lives at risk, you are a dangerous person for me and people i care about to be around.


i never understood people’s really intense opposition to leaving off fragranced products at large events, yet alone in public in general.

like, i get it. scents that you enjoy can be really awesome! they can wake you up or calm you down or remind you of something you like! but for some other people, those scents cause seizures, migraines, and severe pain and/or illness.

if you’re committed to the inclusion of disabled people in society then you will not wear fragrances when you go out, that’s really it with no ifs, ands, or buts. if your first reaction to someone telling you they’re completely alienated from their community because they can’t leave the house due to other people’s choice of shampoo is to make the disabled person feel guilty for “taking your favorite shampoo away from you”, you are probably also one of those people that parks in accessible parking spaces, triggered meltdowns in your autistic classmates when you were younger, and have used the slang “skitzo” to describe at least one of your kitchen appliances, and i hate you.

now that you KNOW adding scents to your routine does direct bodily harm with even greater social consequences to already extremely marginalized and excluded people, if i have to turn around and go home one more fucking time because i got on a metro car with someone wearing perfume and it actually felt like i got struck by lightning, fear my wrath..

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