Callout For Trans/Formations Contributors!

The UGE is seeking facilitators/panel speakers for our upcoming event, Trans/formations. We’re looking for folks who have experience in facilitating workshops and also have things to say about trans activism, in Montreal or abroad. The event series starts on November 6th to November 8th, and we’ll have workshops all three days!

For more information, you can email the collective at, or check out our Facebook event!


not recognizing abusive behavior as abuse until you’re out of that situation is not at all unusual and does not mean your experiences are less than real, less than valid, that it didn’t happen, or that you deserved it




My name is Ellyn (@skoltinctures). I am working with Maria Andazola (@la-grenuda), former co-editor of the Trans Latina Anthology, and Jamie (@desdeotromar), current co-editor, to put together an anthology of fiction writing by trans women of color and people of color who experience transmisogyny. We’re currently looking for contributing writers to submit their work.

We understand that many people who are interested may be new to writing, unsure of themselves, or only have partially completed work, and as such we are committed to working with writers to assist them in developing their stories.  If your work is incomplete or unpolished, we will do what we can to help you edit it.

We would also like to encourage submissions of stories or excerpts of longer fiction that has been self-published or posted to a personal blog, as long as it hasn’t been otherwise published in a magazine/journal/book before. This is because we are also aware that there are many writers who have completed work, but have been unable to find a publisher.

The submission deadline will be July 1st.  We will try to be flexible about submissions sent after the deadline, but our ability to respond to these submissions will depend on the number of works sent to us during our reading period.

Once submissions are closed, we will take three weeks to edit the stories and format the book; and we will publish digital copies of this anthology by the end of July.

In terms of payment, royalties from sales of the book will be divided evenly between the designer, editors, and contributing writers each month.

[Summary: Seeking fiction writing by Trans women of color and dmab non-cis people of color for anthology. Deadline July 1. Keep reading for guidelines.]

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Canada’s child poverty rate is tragic.

Canada’s child poverty rate for Indigenous children is criminal.

I wonder how real is this.

100% real.

This is the report it is from:

Poverty or Prosperity: Indigenous children in Canada


Based on data from the 2006 census, this study disaggregates child poverty statistics and identifies three tiers of poverty for children in Canada. In particular, it finds that Indigenous children in Canada are over two and a half times more likely to live in poverty than non-Indigenous children. According to the report, Indigenous children trail the rest of Canada’s children on practically every measure of wellbeing: family income, educational attainment, crowding and homelessness, poor water quality, infant mortality, health and suicide.

i read an article about environmental racism written around 2011 and at that time there were forty reserves in Canada without access to clean drinking water. no joke. in canada. 

Its more than 40. As of January 2015 the number of First Nations Communities with drinking water advisories is 126 out of 630 communities. That’s 20%.


So I’ve noticed that a number of trans women are asking about walking and body language tutorials to avoid misgendering out in the Hellish Cis Wilds

And before some gross shit says it: cis feminists please go fuck yourselves if you think it’s “misogynist” to keep yourself from getting a bottle cracked over your head by walking a certain way because lmao even cis girls will do that to a trans girl for not being “feminine” enough etc etc. 

Survival > Your Liberal Attachment to Purity Of Ideology. 

Here we go

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trans women can’t pass for women. we ARE women.And not even women with a different kind of history. Women aren’t a monolith, there is no shared, universal experience of womanhood. You cannot pass as something you, in fact, actually are.

b. binaohan, decolonizing trans/gender 101 (via skullxcrusher)


like i sincerely hope caitlyn jenner doesnt have to deal with transmisogyny (which she will)

but can we acknowledge that her wealth and celebrity allows her to capitalize and sensationalize trans womanhood?

can we acknowledge that her being able to ‘lead’ like this is less about her being a trans woman and more about her being rich and white?

by all means, cheer on caitlyn, but please dont act like this is revolutionary and be sure to ask yourself:

how does this at all benefit poor and homeless trans women?

how does this benefit trans women of color?

does this change the danger trans women face for existing?

does caitlyn coming out, and doing a photo shoot, materially change the playing field for trans women?

likely these answers will be nothing or no, and in those cases we need to remember that a white rich trans woman celebrity isnt the answer to the problems our community is facing.

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