Land Acknowledgment

The Union for Gender Empowerment exists at McGill University, which resides on Tioh’tia:ke, commonly known in English as Montreal Island, in Kanien’kehá:ka, the “Place of the People of the Flint” (the Kanien’kéha). The Kanien’kéha are members of the Rotinonshon:ni, the Confederacy of the Completed Longhouse. The Rotinonshon:ni consists of the Six Nations: the Onöndowága (Seneca, the Keepers of the Western Door), the Gayogohó:no’ (Cayuga), the Onöñda’gega’ (Onondaga), the Onyota’a:ka (Oneida), the Kanien’kéha (Mohawk, the Keepers of the Eastern Door), and the Skarū’ren’ (Tuscarora). The lands of the Rotinonshon:ni extended throughout much of what is colonially determined New York state, southern Quebec, and parts of southern Ontario. These lands, which were never ceded by treaty, were forcibly seized by white settlers, missionaries, police, and armies,. Despite this, the Rotinonshon:ni still live in the area of McGill, with the Kanien’kéha communities of Kahnawake and Kanatasake closeby and many Rotinonshon:ni people living in Montreal as well. Thus, we in the Union for Gender Empowerment have a responsibility to fight for Rotinonshon:ni self-determination against ongoing American and Canadian colonialism.

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