Canada’s child poverty rate is tragic.

Canada’s child poverty rate for Indigenous children is criminal.

I wonder how real is this.

100% real.

This is the report it is from:

Poverty or Prosperity: Indigenous children in Canada


Based on data from the 2006 census, this study disaggregates child poverty statistics and identifies three tiers of poverty for children in Canada. In particular, it finds that Indigenous children in Canada are over two and a half times more likely to live in poverty than non-Indigenous children. According to the report, Indigenous children trail the rest of Canada’s children on practically every measure of wellbeing: family income, educational attainment, crowding and homelessness, poor water quality, infant mortality, health and suicide.

i read an article about environmental racism written around 2011 and at that time there were forty reserves in Canada without access to clean drinking water. no joke. in canada. 

Its more than 40. As of January 2015 the number of First Nations Communities with drinking water advisories is 126 out of 630 communities. That’s 20%.

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