like i sincerely hope caitlyn jenner doesnt have to deal with transmisogyny (which she will)

but can we acknowledge that her wealth and celebrity allows her to capitalize and sensationalize trans womanhood?

can we acknowledge that her being able to ‘lead’ like this is less about her being a trans woman and more about her being rich and white?

by all means, cheer on caitlyn, but please dont act like this is revolutionary and be sure to ask yourself:

how does this at all benefit poor and homeless trans women?

how does this benefit trans women of color?

does this change the danger trans women face for existing?

does caitlyn coming out, and doing a photo shoot, materially change the playing field for trans women?

likely these answers will be nothing or no, and in those cases we need to remember that a white rich trans woman celebrity isnt the answer to the problems our community is facing.

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