need sublet for april – montreal, QC


hi everyone, i need to be moved out of my current place by april 4 (so soon!) and i’m looking for a sublet / spare room / crash space for april in the montreal area. i can contribute up to about $250 in rent.

i’m white, 24 and a dfab aroace nonbinary lesbian-ish thing. i’m disabled (rheumatoid arthritis among other stuff) and i use a walker and will hopefully be getting a wheelchair soon, so a ground floor place with no more than 2-3 stairs going in is pretty necessary, or an elevator if it’s not a ground floor.

i’m autistic and have severe scent allergies and sensitivities, as well as severe misophonia, so i need to be somewhere without cigarette smoke, smelly chemicals (e.g. floor cleaner, febreze, fabric softener, spray paint, etc), a lot of cooking with spices, or a lot of loud noises. i smoke weed for my chronic pain but am happy to do so outside if necessary.

i have 1 cat, she’s friendly and likes to spend most of her time outdoors when the weather’s nice.

if anyone has a place to offer, or any info that might help, please get in contact! you can get in touch on my blog, tetradsystematrix, or email me at


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