Overview: This is a call for submissions from Asian American womyn, trans*, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary, and queer people involved in punk.  This is an opportunity to discuss the many ways in which we participate in punk and how our identities and experiences shape what punk means to us.  We welcome persons from any Asian descent (including South Asian, West Indian, Afro-Asian, East Asian, West Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, hapa, and mixed).

Possible topics: How you got into punk, your definition of punk/what punk means to you, the failures of punk (as far as inclusion, representation, acceptance, etc), Asian identity, gender, queer and/or trans* identity, model minority myth, loss (of language, of culture),  assimilation, microaggressions, racism, privilege, cultural appropriation, immigrant experience, feminism, sexism, activism, radicalism, relationships, family, food & recipes, music reviews, and much more!

– We accept text and image-based submissions
– This will be a half-size zine.  Keep submissions between 1-2 pages.
– Include a name and short bio the way you’d like it to be printed in the zine.  Otherwise, you can submit anonymously.

Please send submissions to: by April 30th, 2015

julaya-antolin upsettingg irangnami !!!

THIS SOUNDS AMAZING. Spreading the word. 

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