MIXD: A Mixed-Race Compilation Zine (#1) is available!

MIXD: A Mixed-Race Compilation Zine (#1) and UGE Summer Stipend project is finally available to order!!!


Showcasing writing and art by and for mixed-race folks, the idea of MIXD was born out of conversations and dialogues with other non-white people and questions and understandings of mixed-race experience, embodiment, and identity.

The goal of the zine project is to open up another space for mixed-race people to write, to connect, to (un)learn, to heal, and to empower and challenge each other in conversations about what collective liberation could look like and mean.


• can’t afford it? shoot the editor a personal message and they can work somethin’ out

• anti-copyright // feel free to re-photocopy, keeping in mind that this zine is meant to *prioritize and centre* mixed race POC and indigenous folks and is NOT meant as a learning or enlightenment tool*~ for white people.

click thru for more info(!)


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