PWYC Breast Forms and Bras!


Union for Gender Empowerment Breast Form & Bra Pilot Project! This project aims to make breast forms and bras more accessible to trans women and trans feminine folks. Breast forms can cost upwards of $200(!) and the project offer a a variety of breast forms, body-tailored, and at a pay-what-you-can rate out of our co-op!

hello again! thanks so much for signal boosting and for all of your interest in the project! we’ve already received several orders and are really excited about the project and providing this service for folks.

we wanted to clarify that due to our own (personal & monetary) capacities, Montreal is our current geographical scope in terms of possible breast form & bra deliveries and shipments (where we are based out of). 

we are going to do our best to fill all the breast form &/or bra orders that we receive, but also have a limited amount of money set aside – so orders will be on a first-come first-served basis(!). we will get in touch with you personally if need, and make a public announcement / updates online if and or when we have used up our breast form budget to keep you all in the loop!

on a related note, the Breast Form Pilot Project (along with all the other ‘gender empowerment’ items in our co-op) is strictly PWYC with all the money raised going back into the co-op to purchase new items and keep the co-op stocked! so if you are stoked on (your experience with) the co-op and PWYC gender empowerment / safer sex items, and are able donate money, please do(!). you’ll be helping improve other folks’ access to co-op and items tailored to their specific needs.

the UGE

PWYC Breast Forms and Bras!

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