bell hooks visited The New School and gave three 2-hour talks this week, each one featuring different Black feminist scholars, authors, artists and educators. The talks were riveting and really important in terms of the acknowledgement of Black women as subjects and not objects and in terms of the types of conversations and analyses that contribute to Black women’s epistemological process as womanists/Black feminists.

There was lots of conversation that I agreed with from these brilliant Black women and areas I vigorously though respectfully disagree with (especially some points bell hooks made; it is ok to disagree with her as this is feminism, not patriarchy where one voice rules and then that rule is used to harm other Black women), and I touched on both stances in my Storify posts as well as in my essays. I live tweeted (from my personal Twitter @thetrudz, not from @GradientLair) all 3 talks and wrote essays for 2 of the talks. (I just included screen caps of the Storify posts just for the visual. ☺︎)

Talk #1 – Passionate Presence: Protecting Black Girlhood – bell hooks and Salamishah Tillet

Talk #2 – Are You Still A Slave: Liberating The Black Female Body – bell hooks, Janet Mock, Shola Lynch and Marci Blackman

Talk # 3 – How Do We Define Feminist Liberation? – bell hooks, Lisa Fischer and Kim Sykes

This post is to share all of my content from the talks in one place, so I would prefer if you leave a comment on each respective Storify or essay if you want to discuss specific points for each talk, so that this post stays lean and not derailed when shared.

I think the talks were important and actually helped me further nuance some of my own politics and not only via agreement with the women but through disagreement as well. I learned a lot, especially about myself. The conversations are difficult on certain topics but overall the talks are worth your time as a womanist/Black feminist. 

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