ok listen it’s really nifty that “say your name and pronouns” is getting to be a thing in queer spaces but. lets talk about the etiquette for that if u are cis because i think maybe we should lay it bare, just so we’re all on the same page.

inappropriate things to say when asked for your pronouns

  • “i don’t care about pronouns/you can call me whatever”*
  • “call me whatever you think i am”
  • [pronoun joke]
  • “i’m a guy/lady”
  • [anything about being cis]

appropriate things to say when asked for your pronouns

  • your goddamn pronouns

*trans+ folks with no pronoun preference exist and u are beautiful twinkling diamonds shine on, friend, shine on

also: please don’t say “masculine pronouns” or “feminine pronouns”, just say the pronouns!

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