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Union for Gender Empowerment Breast Form & Bra Pilot Project! This project aims to make breast forms and bras more accessible to trans women and trans feminine folks. Breast forms can cost upwards of $200(!) and the project offer a a variety of breast forms, body-tailored, and at a pay-what-you-can rate out of our co-op!

I really like this concept and think it should be expanded to include soft packs for trans men.

this is a resource / service for trans women and trans amab folks.

DON’T derail that with “what about the trans MEN!!”. 
that’s. not. cool. 
like guess HOW MANY “trans services & resources” are basically -exclusively- for trans dudes and trans afab people, and super transmisogynistic?! 

PSA to trans dudes / masc folx from another trans afab person, here – STOP thinking shit always has to be about / centre you, when it *clearly* does 95% of the time.
STOP encroaching on and leeching from spaces and resources specifically for trans women and amab trans folks.

Also the UGE is run by cis women + afab trans folx almost exclusively, and already has a ton of trans masc stuff with like maybe a gaffe or two? I don’t remember exactly but last time I was there like a year ago there was a huge discrepancy between what trans health supplies were offered. Helping with a similar project in my area I’ve noticed how you can get binders / STP stuff for five bucks on Ebay but individual breast forms are $50 minimum, $180 minimum if you’re not white. It’s because breast forms are usually manufactured for mastectomy patients, and covered under health insurance for cis women cancer patients, and having access to that kind of cash is expected. PLUS cancer patients without insurance are told “go look for drag queen and trans women-centered resources and stores, they’re cheaper” which drove up demand/prices there too 

so shush. 

bolding mine. RACE AND WHITE SUPREMACY IS ALSO (OF COURSE) SUPER FUCKING IMPORTANT. this project is specifically PWYC to attempt to make breast forms -that are usually suuuper expensive, and *surprise!* exponentially expensive if you’re not white / light-skinned aka the ‘default’ aka ‘normal’- financially accessible for trans women and trans amab folks, and *especially* twoc.
this project is also one we’ve intentionally put in place to bridge the major discrepancy / gap (like riley mentioned) between trans dude resources in the UGE co-op as it was (surprise again! dudes / afab folks had tons, amab folks didn’t), because we realized it was way fucked up as it stood and we want and need to change that.

WOW there have been a lot of notes on this! thanks everyone for sharing this information (and your ideas).

the UGE comes out of a history of so called ‘women’s organizations’, a history that has consciously excluded trans women and that’s really fucked up. we’re trying to show our solidarity and support for trans women by offering services but we also do not want to erase or ignore this history of abuse on the part of orgs like the UGE in the past. 

we’re located in montreal and will be at both the anarchist bookfair (may 24-25) and mostly likely the queer bookfair (august 16) this summer – if you’re in montreal visit our space or drop by our table!

also, we’re quickly running out of money for this service and have received many requests already! maybe we’ll put a donate button on our website for anyone who is able to contribute, but also if you have any fundraising ideas let us know!!!

PWYC Breast Forms and Bras!

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