Propose a Summer Stipend Project!

Callout: Summer 2014 Stipend Projects

Suggest a Project!

Deadline to apply: May 20, 2014

We would like to support projects that are related to our mandate as a trans-positive, feminist, anti-oppressive organization. One way of doing this is to offer a summer stipend to folks who have a desire to do or create something related to gender empowerment in Montreal. Previously stipends have focused on improving the UGE space and services. This is great, but we are also enthusiastic about projects beyond McGill.

Past examples include:
– designing workshops
– the Montreal Against Misogyny program (summer 2013)
– financial support for the Prisoner Correspondence Project
– zine writing and compilations
– updating the UGE referral guide
– research projectssummer stipend featured image
– creative projects

Desired Skills/Assets
– strong organization skills and self-motivation
– knowledge of gender and anti-oppression politics

Available: The Union for Gender Empowerment has a total of $2500 to distribute to various projects to be executed/completed over the summer! We are hoping to fund multiple projects, and suggest each project apply for $100-1000, although these are not strict limits.

In particular, we are stoked to and most able to offer funding to printing costs, materials, space rentals, however our funding is not exclusive to such costs.

Both individuals and groups are welcome to apply.

To apply, please include an outline of your proposed project including a timeline and a budget. We look forward to hearing your ideas! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You may also use this form: UGE Summer Stipend Application Form

*Please note that it is very important to include a detailed budget. If you are not sure whether you have included enough budgetary information or if you would like some help with your budget please contact us before the proposal deadline and we will be happy to give feedback.*

To apply, please send your proposal to unionforgenderempowerment[at]gmail[dot]com.

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