First Nations Elder threatened with deportation


Want to know something fucked up?

The Jay Treaty between the USA and the British Empire allows for the free and legal movement of indigenous people across the 49th parallel. Canadian natives can and often do move to the US relatively easily and are able to live there as permanent legal residents. 

However, Canada does not recognize the Jay Treaty.  When the Dominion Act was given royal assent, Canada supposedly inherited the legal responsibilities and obligations of the British Empire.  Why Canada has failed to uphold the Jay Treaty is a personal mystery, but I feel like it has somethign to do with Canada’s fucked up and byzantine enrollment laws.  Like, in the US the whole bq thing is a huge controversy but Nations do have the authority to recognize their own; in Canada, they do not.

But, I digress.  A Miwok man from Penelakut, an island reserve about 30 miles from here. who’s been living, working and participating heavily in his community for almost 40 years is facing deportation back to California.  This is seriously messed up, how an indigenous man is being told by settler authorities that he has no right to continue living as an adopted member of a community on unceded Salish land.

First Nations Elder threatened with deportation

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