So I am so proud of the drawing I did for my next tattoo I wanna get (Top).  I have been so immersed and welcoming of the White Culture around me, I wanted something that I can see and look at every day to appreciate such a rich and vibrant culture that the Whites have.  I assembled the best of the white culture because this is what I think is the best part of it.  I am so honoured that I have been surrounded by this wonderful culture and can learn from it’s rich history.  I relate so much to it, I wish I was born White.


Let’s look at the above statement for a moment.

  • Do you feel offended by this?
  • Does one of these symbols misrepresent your heritage?
  • Do you feel that I was totally wrong in the statement?
  • Do you know that this is untrue of the statement?
  • What does a skull usually represent?
  • Will you send me hate mail just because I offended you because you are white?
  • Are you offended by the 9 other photos beneath the horribly discriminating picture I just drew?

Do you feel offended by what I just drew?  Because I was just offended drawing it, but I know it needed to be done to prove a point.

I know that all these symbols do not represent a white person, the point I was bringing to light is that a person shouldn’t group a “culture” or “race” into one lump sum.

I am offended by these 9 photos of tattoos and drawings.  They misrepresent what it is to be Native American.  It really offends because it doesn’t represent us correctly, it makes us into something magical, mythical, something nostalgic or antiquated.  Something dead to be studied and admired.

These Photos / Tattoos do show:

  • Misrepresentations of the over 600+ distinctly different Tribal Nations here in North America.
  • Show a skull which represents death, which is basically saying “A good Native is a dead Native”
  • It lumps all of the different Nations into one “Native Tribe”
  • A woman wearing a headdress / warbonnet.
  • A headdress was given for distinction in a warriors life for bravery or war.  Each feather was given to the person.  It is mainly worn by males and only a few tribes wore, not every single tribe.
  • They hyper-sexualize Native women, making them exotic and yearned for.  This perpetuates the raping and sexual assault of Native women, which  is every 1 in 3 Native women in their lifetime.
  • There are endless reasons why these are wrong.

The thing with my “tattoo drawing” is I can easily destroy it, the people in these pictures have these racist tattoos on their bodies for the rest of their lives.  Pretty stupid huh?

I hope that this was an eye opener for some people, because racism is real, cultural appropriation is real and we have to learn how to stop both of these.

So please stop wearing headdresses, stop painting your face in “war-paint”, stop dressing up as an “indian princess” for halloween.  Stop drawing and getting these kinds of tattoos, these are all quite offensive and hurtful.

I am sorry I had to go about this this way, but honestly, it needed to be done.  If you would like to know more about cultural appropriation feel free to msg me, I am always up for a great conversation.

Or visit this tumblr page to learn about things that aren’t native!

Thank you for listening to me.


Bryson Sili’pay

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