Beyond Eve Ensler: What Should Organizing Against Gender Violence Look Like?




Okay, this is an absolutely brilliant piece by Cherokee scholar and thinking-machine Andrea Smith. She’s not claiming to have invented any of this, she’s just putting it together in a clear and concise way. This is intersectional feminism writ large, writ obvious. I love that her Indigenous feminism is explicitly addressing anti-Black racism.

If you read this and don’t understand how white feminism fails us on pretty much every single level, then you aren’t even trying to get it.

Yes! Here’s the takeaway points for me:
– organizing around violence against trans peoples is central to any struggle against gender violence
– the state is not and cannot be the solution to gender violence
– capitalism is inextricably linked to gender violence
– we need to work towards building communities in which violence becomes unthinkable instead of fighting for new/changed laws
– mass incarceration is violence, prisons are violent; period.
– Western countries benefit from imperialism that helps shape conditions of gender violence globally
– ending anti-Black racism is central to ending gender violence by addressing how Black peoples, and by extension Black struggles, become seen as the property of other social justice struggles
– war (and I’ll add: occupation and apartheid) is a central strategy for enforcing gender violence
– ending settler colonialism is central to ending gender violence: organize new forms of governance that do not operate based on the logics of sexual violence
– target the violence of borders as a site of sexual violence; and fuck the anti-trafficking movement
– center the sexual violence committed against peoples with disabilities
– environmental racism is a form of sexual violence
– there isnt a singular narrative about/on gender violence, lets not homogenize our experiences 

Awesome summation, I was too rushed to do it, and now I don’t have to, many thanks!

Beyond Eve Ensler: What Should Organizing Against Gender Violence Look Like?

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