10 YA-friendly books by and about transgender people

For this month’s YA Pride, I set out to find books written by transgender writers about transgender characters. I knew that it would be difficult to find trans books by trans writers published specifically for the YA market, so I broadened my search to include books published for the general adult market. I found a number that were about young trans people and which might be of interest to young trans readers. Some are from small presses; some are anthologies; some are nonfiction. Many are probably difficult to find in bookstores, so I recommend checking your library system.

To find out more about these books, go to YA-friendly books by and about transgender people (source: malindalo.com).

Malinda Lo is being awesome again!

Thanks so much for publicizing these books by authors who deserve and need to be heard. It frustrates me that trans-themed YA books are getting so much press right now, but almost all of the starred books are written by cis authors whose treatment of the subject leaves a lot to be desired. One of the most heralded books right now actually described the main character with a transgender slur on right on the book jacket – something that would just not be happening if trans people were more involved in our own representation.

Aw yeah Rae Spoon is awesome and from Calgary and look at that book cover with Calgary on fire in the background love it so much

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