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CALLOUT FOR SUBMISSIONS: Learning Disability Anthology Zine!



[Français ci-dessous]

Do you identify as having a learning disability? Are you tired of the lack of resources and creative materials…

reblogging our own post to add some FAQ-type info:

1) Anonymous submissions are totally welcome! We understand how hard it can be to come out and talk about this stuff, for so many reasons, and we want to respect people’s privacy, and make space for people to take up space about these issues while also keeping their identity confidential!

2) This zine is open to all people who identify as having learning disabilities, but also related disorders (ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory processing, really anything that may intersect with your ability to learn or process information in conventional ways)

3) We also welcome submissions from people who don’t identify with the labels imposed on them, and want to talk about their experiences with being ‘flagged’ as having LDs or related disorders, how/why certain people/communities are targeted by the education system, etc.

4) Visual submissions are totally welcome and encouraged. Drawings, doodles, photos, whatever! We’re excited about all of it!

5) Don’t hesitate to get in touch at ldzinemtl@gmail.com if you have any more questions or thoughts. This ‘zine was borne out of what we feel is a lack of resources and language to take up space and talk about this stuff, and we hope that the process of learning to find inclusive ways of talking about this is always developing and changing as we learn more from each other¬. We hope to hear more from people and continue to talk about ways that this callout/zine can address these issues!

6) While we encourage you to contact us with your questions, we also want to make clear that this is a learning process for us as well and there are many things we also feel we lack the language and answers for. We encourage you to consider your submissions themselves as an opportunity for dialogue among a diversity of voices and perspectives on experiences with learning disabilities and related disorders.

[apologies, not yet available in french]

loving, fighting, knitting: otipemsiw: CALLOUT FOR SUBMISSIONS: Learning Disability Anthology…

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