Volunteer with the UGE this Fall! TRAINING DATE CHANGED!

**the date for staffer training has been moved to Sunday, September 29th! training will start at noon and end around 6 pm, and will be held in the SSMU building (3480 McTavish Street).**

Call Out: The Union for Gender Empowerment needs fall volunteers!

Want to join the Collective or volunteer as a Staffer?

We need help to keep the space running over the fall semester! We hope to keep the library and co-op open as much as possible over the semester, which means that we’re looking for volunteers who can staff the space for 2 – 3 hours a week throughout the semester.

You can also join the collective (a commitment of 2 – 5 hours per week, depending on projects) to help out with maintaining the space, running fall programming, and working on special projects!

Spend [part of] your semester basking in gender empowerment, trans* allyship, and intersectional feminism with the UGE!

Worried that you don’t have relevant experience? That’s okay! In order to get involved, we ask that you participate in an afternoon long training session, held Sept 29, from 12-5. If you are interested in getting invovled, and can attend this session, email us at unionforgenderempowerment@gmail.com

More details at: https://unionforgenderempowerment.wordpress.com/join-us/

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