ways to practice good consent on the internet


trying to think of & work on more ways to integrate good consent into my daily practices, including digital ones. if anybody would like to add to this list, please feel free.

  • asking if you can post someone’s photo & if you can tag them.
  • asking if you can share someone’s status.
  • asking if you can you can post &/or share their words, stories, etc. 
  • not sharing or talking about their blog/twitter/etc. with other people, including content posted on it.
  • if someone allows you to share something of theirs, informing them of where & why it’ll be posted, who can see it, etc.
  • asking if you can reblog someone’s personal posts or photos or share them thru other mediums (i.e. tumblr to facebook.)
  • if yr reading someone’s stuff who you know irl, informing them & asking if it’s okay.
  • if yr unsure of someone’s digital boundaries, asking rather than assuming.
  • respecting their right to say no to any of these things, without an explanation or justification & stopping immediately.

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