“This not a symbol for LGBT Equality

This is a copyrighted logo for a lobbying firm.

The HRC makes money off of this logo

The HRC has a poor track record with Trans*people, LGBT of color non-Democrat LGBT people, LGBT southerners, and LGBT immigrants.

The HRC suppresses activism and delegitimizes activism that doesn’t fall into the purview of standard lobbying.

The HRC compromises  on employment discrimination and Social Security partnership benefits for political expedience.

HRC advertising focuses on fit, white, cisgendered males to avoid  upsetting non-LGBT peoplewho would be unmoved by anything less than Calvin Klein models in expensive designer clothes.

They brag that their corporate logo has become ‘synonymous with the fight for LGBT Americans” but there are dozens of logosthat are public doman with historical meaning that are inclusive of more than just Americans and the narrow view of what HRC considers ‘LGBT.’

Just use the rainbow. There’s no need to replace what we’ve already had and has worked for over sixty years.”

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