[A complicated Venn diagram depicting multiple overlapping categories of features regarded as constituting “biological sex,” meant to illustrate that sex is not nearly as binary as many people like to think.]

We typically think of biological sex in terms of penis and vagina, but it’s actually much more than that!  The variation in primary sex characteristics (penis/vagina), secondary sex characteristics (body hair, breasts, etc), and hormones (testosterone/estrogen) produces a gradient with far more than 2 possibilities.  

I actually find this chart kind of confusing…but it communicates an important point: the sex and gender spectrum are a broad, diversely populated, and beautiful aspect of human life.

The two circles are meant to be designated “female” and “male,” and the diagram shows the (currently) scientifically proven aspects of things associated with both. This proves that not everyone male or female fulfills the typically designated characteristics, and shows that even the sex (“biologically” male/female) binary doesn’t exist!

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