Oh, yeah. A Sexting Zine. Get your submissions in.

Call-Out for Sexting Zine!

Regina Dentata & Mx. Beatrice are putting together a sexting zine and
need your help!

We’re looking for samples of your sexts and testimonials (what you think
about sexting!)


– not all straight vanilla sexts! If that’s the sex you have, it’s
still cool to submit, but we’re also looking for dirty funky queer
deviant sexting adventures!

– sexting samples: please ensure that all the people involved in your
sexting are ok with their sexts being read publicly. Sexting is sexy.
Consent is sexy.

– testimonials should be no more than a paragraph or so long. We’re
looking for all the opinions on sexting, why you do it, how you do it,
what you do while you do it, why you don’t do it, what your pastor said
about it (ha!), and what you do instead of doing it.

– please include the names, aliases, pseudonyms, etc you would like used.

We think that sexting allows us to be explicit about our “deviant”
desires and our relationships with our bodies – if you feel the same, or
if you totally disagree with us, please get in touch!

Deadline for submissions: October 15th!
To submit: email dentata@riseup.net , or stellaluna@riseup.net.

*~*~* <3 Cheers pervs! <3 *~*~*

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