UGE Staffer (re)Training (Sept. 29th)

To those interested in staffing the UGE:
The UGE will be holding the first part of our staffer (re)training on Wednesday, September 29th at 17:00. We estimate the training to run until about 19:00.

There will be food! Please let us know if you have requests/requirements/preferences as to what you can or cannot eat. For sure we will have vegan options.

We will be covering an intro to our space from a staffers perspective, including library check-out/check-in, co-op operations, discussion on the UGE as a safe(r) space, resource updating processes, zine photocopying, S.I.D. Project, phone message checking, and any thing else that is pertinent to staffing our space.

Some things have changed over the past year or two, so we would like to request previous staffers to attend this training as well.

Mandatory Trans 101 and Anti-Oppression 101 workshops will be held at a later date for new staffers. We’ll figure out a date for this at the end of the (re) training meeting. Both of these additional workshops together will take 2-3 hours (including food, also).

The UGE Collective

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